Vector Rehab Powerchair P323

Vector Rehab Powerchair P323

Merits Vector Rehab Powerchair

  • 2 pole Tilt in space w/centre footplate $7990.00
  • 2 Pole Tilt in space & power recline w/centre footplate $9990.00
  • 4 Pole Tilt in space & power recline w/centre footplate $10990.00
  • Power Seat Lift $1495.00
  • Power Elevating Legrests $995.00
  • Manual Elevating Legrests $ 450.00
  • Power centre footplate (coming soon)

  • Center of gravity changes when operating the power tilt/recline seat function (for safety reasons the centre of gravity of the user will always stay above the drive wheels)
  • Shear reduction for comfort and prevention of injury
  • Adjustable seat width and seat depth (16”/18”/20”)
  • Removable battery case for replacing and maintaining battery easily
  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • Full front and rear adjustable suspension which provides a comfortable ride
  • Power tilt operation in 5°~55° for pressure relief
  • Power recline operation 90°~150° for comfort
  • Optional seat elevator, power foot plate or power elevating leg rests
  • PG R-NET controller standard


   Above Photo: 4 pole version with Electric Elevating Legrests.

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Product Code: P323