Stand Aid  Standing Frames

Stand Aid Standing Frames

Stand Aid has been manufacturing quality, duable standing frames and medical equipment for over 25 years. We work closely with rehab specilists to design the best equipment available to meet your needs.

 Each Standaid model will bring the user from a seated position into a standing position with NO TRANSFER REQUIRED. Customers have the choice of ordering a battery powered operated lift or a manual hydralic lift.  Al frames come standard with heel hoops, toe stap, height adjustable knee pad and a plexiglass table with chest pad. The Standaid has a weight carrying capacity of 181kg except the Standaid XL which has a weight carrying capacity of 250kgs

The human body is designed to function properly when upright.  The Stand Aid allows users to be vertically stabilized with 100% weight bearing.  Changing position allows the skin to breathe while stretching muscles in the upper and lower extremities. Stand Aid frames enable users to stand unattended comfortably and safely with secure, padded support areas.  With the Stand Aid, there are no transfers required, gradually lifting the user into a fully upright position directly from their wheelchair.  All Stand Aids are fully adjustable to accommodate individuals 4’2” to 7’ tall.  A plexiglass table is located in the front of each unit providing a convenient work area.  Support pads such as back, lateral, chest, hip and head are available making standing possible for almost any level of injury

Stand Aid 1501 (power Lift)

The stand Aid 1501 is a standing frame that will stand a person with a touch of a button.

Stand Aid 1503 (Power lift and drive)

If the idea of being mobile while standing is appealing to you, the Stand Aid 1503 is exactly what you are looking for.

Stand Aid Junior

A standing frame for children.

Stand Aid XL Bariatric Power Standiing Frame

A standing frame that will lift up to 250kgs.

StandAid 1600 (manual or electric lift)

The 1600 is a hand operated hydraulic lift standing frame with electric standing options