Mobility Wheelchair Access Ramps

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre in Hornsby offers a large range of different lightweight folding portable and fixed mobility wheelchair access ramps. We offer wheelchair ramps in both aluminium or rubber. Brands include the premium aluminium PVI ramps (USA),PVI LOGO also Heeve Aluminium Ramps, Heeve Authorised Dealer and some budget models.

These Ramps are available to view and pick up at our factory warehouse in Hornsby NSW or we can provide shipping Australia wide.

3ft Budget Wheelchair Ramp

Budget Folding Wheelchair Ramps

A variety of budget priced portable folding aluminium wheelchair suitcase ramps with a carry handle at an attractive price.
Heeve Walk Loading Ramp Man Van #1

Heeve Aluminium Walk Ramps

Heeve Aluminium Walk Loading Ramps are portable & have a 400kg loading capacity. Load Vans, Trailers, Trucks, Removalists, Construction,Stairs & Mobility.

Heeve Aluminium Wheelchair Ramps

Heeve is a range of portable aluminium folding or telescopic access ramps for home or vehicle. View in store at Hornsby NSW or shipping Australia wide.

PVI Height Adjustable Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

PVI Height Adjustable Self Supporting Wheelchair threshold ramps adjust in height with a screw thread to get that perfect height against your door entrance.
PVI Multifild Reach Wheelchair Ramp

PVI Multi-Fold Reach Utility Wheelchair Ramps

PVI Multi-Fold Reach ramps are a multi-folding lightweight portable wheelchair ramp designed to fit SUVs, Vans, Station Wagons, Ute's & trucks.
PVI Multifolding Wheelchair Ramps

PVI Multi-Folding Wheelchair Ramps

A range of lightweight multi-folding aluminum wheelchair suitcase ramps. This series comes in a variety sizes ranging from 5ft to 8ft long lengths. Lightweight portable ramps for home or office.
PVI Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp

PVI Single Fold Wheelchair Ramps

PVI Single Fold Wheelchair Ramps are available in 5 different lengths from 61 though to 183 cm long.
PVI Solid Wheelchair Ramp

PVI Solid Aluminium Wheelchair Ramps

PVI Solid Wheelchair ramps are available in 3 lengths and 2 widths. Made of rust free aluminum they are suitable for outdoor or indoor use.
PVI Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

PVI Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

PVI Wheelchair Threshold ramps are great for small thresholds. Available in self supporting and standard versions in different lengths and widths,
PVI Wheel-A-Bout Ramp

PVI Wheel-A-Bout Wheelchair Ramp

The Wheel-A-Bout ramp is a portable folding wheelchair ramp on wheels that stands up for storage when folded. It is available in 2 lengths.

PVI Wheelchair Van Ramps

PVI Wheelchair Van Ramps are designed to permantly fit into the rear door of vans. They are spring loaded for ease of folding. Fitting service available.

Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramps-Aidapt

These Aidapt rubber ramps simply are placed in front of the threshold, they do not require installation, they are suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors. They are made of rubber, generally are heavy in weight so they don't move and are tapered to the floor at both sides.
Aidapt VA147S Channel Ramps

Telescopic Channel Wheelchair Track Ramps 7 ft or 2130 mm Aidapt VA147S

These lightweight Aidapt telescopic aluminium track ramps are suitable for home or vehicle use. It includes a carry bag for portability, it can be used with mobility scooters, wheelchairs and Rollators.
Price: $349.00
PVI Ontac Wheelchair Ramp with Handrails

Wheelchair Ramps with Handrails

OnTrac solid wheelchair ramps are a solution to easily installing a semi permanent ramp with a handrail. 5 different lengths are available 4 ft -10 ft long.