X Cross Frame Rollators Seat Walkers

X Cross Frame Rollators Seat Walkers

Sales, Service, parts and repairs for X Fold Cross frame Rollators in Sydney. Shipping for sales and parts Australia wide.

Aidapt VP183 Rollator Seat Walker

Adapts VP183 is a modern lightweight rollator with a long wheelbase for extra stability. Its also very lightweight at only 6.9kg.
Price: $265.00
Now: $189.00

Alpha 419 & 429 X Frame Rollator Seat Walkers

Alpha 419 & 429 X frame Rollator Seat Walker includes a backrest and cane holders, sideways folding frame in 2 seat heights.
Price: $349.00
Now: $249.00 (Special price applies to Silver 419 only)

Alpha 438 Rollator

A super lightweight X frame rollator. Our lightest X frame Rollator at under 6 kg Now available in 2 seat heights.
Now: $349.00

Better Living Euro Rollator

A super lightweight stylish X frame rollator at only 6.5 kg
Price: $325.00
Drive Nitro HD

Drive Nitro HD Rollator

The Nitro HD is a cross framed rollator built for larger framed people, it has independent rear suspension for comfort.
Price: $695.00
Drive Nitro Petite Rollator

Drive Nitro Petite Rollator

This large wheeled rollator is made for shorter people under 5'2" in height
Price: $320.00
Drive Nito Walker

Drive Nitro Walker

Nitro Rollator is a cross folding frame walker with large front wheels outdoor use but is still compact for use inside and folds easily for transport.
Now: $320.00
Drive X-Fold Rollator

Drive X-Fold Rollator

Drive X-fold Rollator:  is a popular choice because if its compact folded size, large 8" wheels and concealed internal brake cables.
Price: $220.00
EZ fold-N-Go Rollator

EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator – Stander

The EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator is perfect for transportation. It folds so easily at the lift of a finger into a diameter if just 33cm (13")
Price: $449.00
Now: $395.00

Mobylex Rollator Seat Walker

A large wheeled X framed seat walker rollator that folds smaller than most any other Rollator.
Now: $249.00
RothCare Carbon Fibre Rollator

RothCare Carbon Fibre Rollator

The RothCare lightweight carbon fibre frame is a stylish cross folding rollator with large wheels for outdoor or indoor use.
Price: $575.00
Rothcare Cross Fold Rollator

RothCare Cross Fold Rollator

The RothCare Cross Fold Rollator has a lightweight Aluminium frame with large 8" wheels for outdoor or indoor use. Folds easily, available in Red or Blue.
Price: $295.00
Topro Olympos Rollator

Topro Olympos All Terrain Rollator

Topro Olympos Rollator is a practical on or off road rollator that can also be used inside. Large energy aborbing solid tyres help smooth out the bumps.
Price: $595.00

Topro Troja 2G Premium Rollator

The Topro Troja 2G premium is a luxury folding rollator with many unique features. Made in Norway.
Price: $675.00