PVI Wheel-A-Bout Wheelchair Access Ramp

PVI Wheel-A-Bout Wheelchair Access Ramp

The PVI Wheel-A-Bout wheelchair access ramp is a portable folding wheelchair ramp on wheels that stands up for storage when folded. Stand it against a wall in your garage when not in use and it takes up only a small amount of space. Wheel it into position easily.

  • Closure straps lock the 2 half’s together
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable high quality welded aluminium construction
  • Full width platform for excellent stability
  • Anti slip high traction surface
  • Accommodates mobility devises with various wheel configurations
  • Stores upright in your garage
  • Manufactured in the United States.   

Item NumberLengthWidth Top Hook Length Folded SizeWeight Capacity
 WAB1030305 cm (10ft) 76 cm (30″) 70 mm 168 x 94 x 41 cm 39 kgs 360 kgs*
 WAB1230366 cm (12ft) 76 cm (30″) 70 mm 199 x 94 x 41 cm 45 kgs 360 kgs*
 WABU1030305cm (10ft) 76 cm (30″) 250 mm 161 x 94 x 41 cm 38 kgs 360 kgs*
 WABU1230366 cm (12ft) 76 cm (30″) 250 mm 191 x 94 x 41 cm 45 kgs 360 kgs*

*Maximum ramp capacity one axel is 180 kgs – 2 Axels is 360 kgs

If you are interested in the Wheel-A-Bout ramp and want to know more please contact us via the button below.