Swan Neck Walking Cane
Swan Neck Walking Cane

The Drive Swan Neck Walking Cane with Gel Grip by Drive Medical is a height adjustable walking cane designed for people who are unstable on their feet. Most people use it for added support and stability. It has a handle that has a soft wide pad on top which helps with some of the shock whilst using the cane. The handle being broad and wide helps with stability and it also includes a wrist strap. Its available in two attractive colours.

  • Shaft is angled enabling user’s weight is transmitted centrally for greater stability
  • Constructed from strong, yet lightweight 2.5cm (1”) aluminium tubing
  • Ergonomically designed handle with soft top gel grip reduces hand stress and fatigue
  • Push button height adjustment from 72cm – 98cm (28.5” – 38.5”)
  • Includes wrist strap to prevent stick from dropping when not in use, or use it to hang up the cane on a hook when not in use.
  • Sturdy rubber ferrule provides good traction (Standard 19mm size, replacement tips are available)
  • Easy wipe clean smooth aluminium surfaces
  • Anti rattle collar for height adjustment is included
  • Maximum weight capacity 135 kgs
  • Drive Medical is a brand you can trust
Available Colours
  • Blue Crackle
  • Red Crackle

This Drive Swan Neck Walking Cane is available to view and pick up at our factory warehouse in Hornsby NSW or we can provide shipping Australia wide.

Price: $25.00