Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some commonly asked questions with answers.

Q: How far will the scooter travel per charge?

A: The distance a scooter per charge will travel varies depending upon a number of factors:

  1. Capacity of battery
  2. Consumption of energy
  3. Weight of rider and load
  4. Terrain (hills and surface type)
  5. Tyre air pressure
  6. Condition of batteries and machine
  7. Speed.

These are the main factors affecting distance. Most scooters and powerchairs will have an advertised maximum distance that the machine can travel. The distance your machine can travel per charge will vary on the maximum advertised distance based on the above factors.

Q. How long will my batteries last?

A: No battery lasts forever, most users will get roughly 2 years from a set, more or less depending upon usage and treatment and the size of the batteries.

Q: What is the difference between a three wheel scooter and a four wheel scooter?

A: Three wheel scooter usually offer, greater legroom, better manoeuvrability, lower cost, lighter steering effort. Four wheel scooters offer greater sideways stability for outdoor use on uneven terrain. Used correctly a three wheel scooter is very safe and it offers greater user convenience, but if you are only going to use a machine outdoors only and you are unsure, a four wheeler is a safe choice.

Q: How do you charge the batteries?

A: Our scooters and powerchairs include either an on-board charger or are supplied with a separate charger. An on-board charging system usually has a short cord or a plug under the seat or behind a small door under the seat. Plug in the supplied cord and the unit operates automatically. An off-board charger usually has a charging point located on the machine, (see operators manual) plug the charger into the charging point and plug the charger into a household outlet and switch on the charger. All of our chargers operate automatically and there is no risk of overcharging.

Q: How often should I get my scooter powerchair serviced?

A: There is not a lot that can be done to a scooter/powerchair in the normal scheme of things. They are well built and usually fairly maintenance free. The selling dealer can offer a yearly check up or as often as you require at a reasonable cost.

Q: Where do I get service and spare parts?

A: Usually you can go to the selling dealer to obtain service and spare parts, if you are unsure please do call Roland Priestley Pty Ltd, and we can refer you to your nearest dealer or serve you directly.

Although we do our utmost to keep the information correct, please be advised, any prices,specifications or information supplied from Roland Priestley Pty Ltd is subject to change without notice.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need advise.