Wheelchairs – Self Propelling

Wheelchairs – Self Propelling

RPMobility offers a wide range self propelling manual wheelchairs in Hornsby NSW, Sydney.

Aidapt VA165 Wheelchair

Aidapt VA165 Self Propelling Wheelchair

A self propelling wheelchair with attendant brakes with many features representing great value for the price.
Price: $595.00

Drive Bariatric Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

A range of 5 large heavy duty bariatric wheelchairs by Drive Medical, click photo for more details and pricing
Price: $799.00 to $1995.00

Drive Lightweight Self Propelling Wheelchair

A basic lightweight 45cm aluminium wheelchair with removable legrests and full length armrests.
Price: $449.00
Drive Budget Self Propelling Wheelchair

Drive S1 Self Propelling Wheelchair

Drive S1 Self Propelling Wheelchair - a quality steel frame folding wheelchair with adjustable leg-rests and stylish mag type wheels.
Price: $299.00
Drive SD2 Deluxe Wheelchair

Drive SD2 Deluxe Wheelchair

A super luxury wheelchair that have multiple adjustments and available in several seat widths.
Price: $849.00

Drive XS2 Self Propelling Wheelchair

The drive XS2 Self Propelling wheelchair has many luxury features and is a comfortable wheelchair available in different seat widths.
Price: $699.00
Meits L406-18 Lightweight wheelchair

Merits L406-18 Wheelchair

A lightweight self propelling wheelchair with removable legrests, quick release wheels and attendant brakes. Total weight 13.5 kgs
Price: $649.00

Omega HD1 Bariatric Wheelchair

A Bariatric Heavy Duty Wheelchair with a generous 22" Seat, this wheelchair has a massive 250 kg weight carrying capacity.
Price: $695.00

Omega PA1 Pediatric Childrens Wheelchair

A folding aluminium wheelchair with a 14" wide seat suitable for children or small adults.
Price: $749.00

Omega SP2 Wheelchair

A multi adjustable aluminium folding deluxe wheelchair
Price: $849.00

RothCare Lightweight Wheelchair

The Rothcare AL-012 Self Propelling wheelchair is a stylish lightweight aluminium wheelchair available in 3 colours.
Price: $595.00
Strongback Self Propelling Wheelchair

Strongback Wheelchair Self Propelling

The Strongback Wheelchair is the first off-the-shelf standard folding manual wheelchair to provide frame-integrated effective posture support.
Price: $1195.00

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