Kitchen Aids

Kitchen Aids

A range of aids to assist in the kitchen

Aidapt Bendable Cutlery Set VM914

Aidapt Bendable Cutlery Set VM914

This Bendable cutlery set contains a bendable spoon and bendable fork and a rocker knife, and also a utensil strap.
Price: $64.95
Now: $40.00

Aidapt Bendable Fork VM911

The Aidapt Bendable Fork has a large soft cushion grip so its easier for users with limited arm/hand movement.There is a flexable section allowing the fork to be bent at most any angle.
Price: $15.00
Aidapt Bendable Spoon VM910

Aidapt Bendable Spoon VM910

Aidapt bendable spoon for those with limited hand or arm movement. Large soft grip.
Price: $15.00

Aidapt Drinking Cup VM922

This Drinking Cup has a long mouthpiece making it easy to hold and comfortable to use
Price: $12.00

Aidapt Jar & bottle Grip Opener VM992AA

The Jar and bottle grip opener is designed to make it easier to open bottles and jars, it can also be used to assist with opening doors and taps.
Price: $14.95
Now: $7.50

Aidapt Large Scoop Bowl VM902

The VM902 lage scoop bowl helps people with limited hand control when eating.
Price: $25.00

Aidapt Rocker Knife VM912

Aidapt soft large grip rocker knife of those with limited hand or arm movement
Price: $15.00

Aidapt Scoop Plate VM903

The Aidapt Scoop Plate VM903 has a molded side to help users with one hand or limited hand control.
Price: $25.00

Astral Perching Stool

The Astral Perching Stool has a moulded seamless polyurethane seat that is easy to clean and is bacteria resistant. The Astral has a large footprint for stability and side mounted stress bars to assist with transferring out of the seat.
Price: $135.00
Now: $99.00

Malling Perching Stool VG837

A height adjustable stool designed for perching on while working in the kitchen or at a bench.
Price: $99.00
Now: $75.00

Strolley Trolley with brakes VG798WB

The Strolley Trolley VG798WB is designed for indoor use and is ideal to transfer meals and other items around the home.
Price: $200.00
Now: $135.00

Tenura Cutlery Grips

2 flexible universal anti slip handles to fit most types of cutlery.
Price: $39.00