Parkinsons and Neuological Walkers

Parkinsons and Neuological Walkers

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre Sydney offers The U Step walker and also the Topro Neuro Walker. These specialty walkers are designed for people mainly with Neurological conditions or those with severe balance problems.

Topro Neuro Rollator

Topro Neuro Parkinson’s Rollator

The Topro Neuro Parkinson's Rollator has reverse braking designed for Parkinson's sufferers and other neurological conditions.
Price: $850.00
U Step Walker 2 Parkinson's

U Step Walker 2 for Parkinson’s

The U-Step 2 walker is designed for people with Parkinson's and other neurological conditions. Its patented U shaped frame offers greater stability when compared to most other walkers.
Price: $1,050.00