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Powerchair Sales Sydney

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre offers a large range of new powerchairs – Electric Wheelchairs for sale in Sydney to suit many people. Brands such as Merits, Rothcare & Drive are offered.

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Drive Titan Powerchair

Drive Titan Powerchair

The Drive Titan Powerchair is an affordable mid size front wheel drive powerchair that is very maneuverable for indoor or outdoor use.
Price: $2995.00
Rothcare Carbon Fibre Powerchair

Lite Ryder Carbon Fibre Power Wheelchair

Rothcare Super Lightweight Carbon Fibre Folding Power Wheelchair weighs only 13kg fully assembled including the battery.
Price: $4495.00
P312 Dualer

Merits Dualer P312 Powerchair

The Merits Dualer P312 is a dual directional drive powerchair, it can be driven in both front or rear wheel drive by rotating the seat.
Price: $4995.00

Merits Folding Powerchair P108A

A conventional folding power wheelchair with an aluminium frame, with a lithium battery
Price: $3750.00

Merits Maverick 10 Power Wheelchair P326

Merits Maverick 10 Powerchair P326 is A mid wheel drive mid size power wheelchair that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Price: $4495.00

Merits Maverick 12 P327 Powerchair

Merits Maverick 12 P327 Powerchair has large ballon tyres for ride comfort, outdoor performance and stability.
Price: $5750.00
Merits Maverick 14 Powerchair

Merits Maverick 14 P330 Powerchair

The Merits Maverick 14 P330 is a mid wheel drive Power Wheelchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a 20" seat and a 200kg carring capacity.
Price: $5995.00

Merits P113 Fold & Go Compact Power Wheelchair

The Merits P113 Fold & Go compact folding power wheelchair folds in seconds for easy transportation or storage.
Price: $3495.00

Merits P321 Ezi-Go Compact Power Wheelchair

A lightweight compact power wheelchair which is very maneuverable inside and disassembles very easily for transportation into the car boot.
Price: $3495.00

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