Moving & Handling

Moving & Handling

Acorn Stair Lifts

An Acorn Stairlift gives you a safe, comfortable and simple way to get up and down your stairs

Autochair Smart Transfer Person Lift

A vehicle mounted hoist to assist with transferring in and out of a motor vehicle

Mangar Camel

The Mangar Camel will lift a person without physical effort who is laying down on the ground into a sitting position to be able to be transferred with dignity.
Price: $5,794.00

Mangar Elk

The Mangar Elk is a portable battery powered lifting cushion to assist with people who may have fallen into a seated upright position.
Price: $3,495.00

Milford Smart Base

The Milford SmartBase allows you to simply transfer the arm mechanism of the Milford Person Lift onto the mobile SmartBase unit so that you can travel anywhere, at any time and still have full mobility wherever you go.