Body Support & Comfort Products

Body Support & Comfort Products

Birling Bed Backrest

An angle adjustable backrest for the bed
Price: $82.00

Heel Cushion

Heel Cushion to prevent sore feet & pressure sores (Priced per pair)
Price: $39.95

Reclining wheelchair backrest.

Add on Reclining wheelchair backrest to fit to most 18" wide wheelchairs. Remove the existing backrest and replace with this reclining backrest for maximum wheelchair comfort.
Price: $195.00

Wheelchair Arm tray Lateral Stabaliser

Wheelchair Arm tray Lateral Stabiliser, fits most straight arm wheelchair by velcro. (priced individually)
Price: $75.00

Wheelchair Armrest Bolster

A bolster to aid posture in the wheelchair, fits most straight arm wheelchairs with velcro. (priced individually)
Price: $45.00

Wheelchair Headrest Foam

A strap on foam wheelchair headrest that can be fitted to high back wheelchairs, day chairs and recliners.
Price: $49.95