Walking Canes (Non Folding)

Walking Canes (Non Folding)

A range of height adjustable Walking Canes made from either Aluminum or Carbon Fibre.

Alpha Aluminium Walking Stick Cane with T-Handle

A lightweight height adjustable aluminium walking cane stick with a soft touch T-handle, available in 6 attractive colours
Price: $30.00

Aluminium Arthritic/Palm Canes

Lightweight aluminium canes can help to reduce palm pressure for Arthritis sufferers. Available in left or right handed.
Price: $30.00
Floral Height Adjustable Aluminium Walking Canes

Floral Walking Cane

3 beautifully finished floral adjustable height walking canes
Price: $29.00 each


A walking stick with a laser light that assists Parkinsons sufferers obtain a normal walking stride and helps prevent freezing episodes.
Price: $635.00
Swan Neck Walking Cane

Swan Neck Walking Cane

Swan Neck Walking Cane by Drive is a height adjustable aluminium walking cane with a broad Gel grip that helps with comfort & stability.
Price: $25.00

Umbrella Cane Walking Stick

A walking stick that converts into an umbrella. Use as a cane with the umbrella closed or open umbrella remove inner walking cane to use as an open umbrella and a walking cane.
Price: $69.00

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