Pediatric Mobility Equiment

Pediatric Mobility Equiment

Augsberg Shower Commode for Children

The Augsberg is a wheeled shower commode for children available as a transit or self propelling model. Made in Germany

Fox & Fixi pediatric wheeled walker by Rebotec

A colourful junior wheeled walker rollator for older children or small adults

Fun-Kids Open Forearm Crutches for Children

Rebotec Fun-Kids open double adjustable forearm crutches with open cuff for children in 2 colour combinations. Germany

Omega PA1 Pediatric Childrens Wheelchair

A folding aluminium wheelchair with a 14" wide seat suitable for children or small adults.
Price: $749.00

Rebotec Pediatric Walk-On Kids Walking frame

Bright colourful pediatric folding walking frame in 2 frame sizes.

Rebotec Quick’N Easy Underarm Crutches

Rebotec Quick'N Easy Underarm Crutches available in Childs, Youth, Adult and Tall versions. Made in Germany

Safe-In-Kids Forearm Cuff & Hinge Crutches

Double adjustable with hinged cuff forearm crutches for children in 2 different vibrant colour combinations. (Pair) Made in Germany
Price: $90.00