Hoists, Lifting & Transferring Equipment

Hoists, Lifting & Transferring Equipment

We offer a range of Mobility Scooter and wheelchair electric hoists to help you get your machine into the car boot. We also offer the Milford Person lift and the Scalamobil to assist with stairs.
Auto Assist Handle

Able Life Auto Assist Handle

The Able Life Auto Assist Handle is a strap with handle to aid with transferring in and out of a car with a quick release buckle that wraps around the door frame. The strap is adjustable in length and the handle is cushioned for comfort.
Price: $30.00
Able Life Sturdy Rail with legs

Able Life Bedside Sturdy Rail with Legs

The Able life Besdide Sturdy Rail is a bedside support rail that mounts under the mattress and also legs that go to the floor for extra stability.
Price: $149.00

Acorn Stair Lifts

An Acorn Stairlift gives you a safe, comfortable and simple way to get up and down your stairs
Bed Cradle

Adjustable Bed Cradle

The Adjustable Bed Cradle simply slips under the mattress, it provides relief from bed coverings touching sensitive areas whist in bed. The cradle is height adjustable.
Price: $85.00

Autochair Smart Lifter L-P

The Smart Lifter LM is a internal mounted boot hoist designed to lift wheelchairs and mobility scooters in and out of the rear of your vehicle. There is a 100kg, 150kg and a 200 kg model.

Autochair Smart Lifter LC

A rear mounted internally mounted hoist designed to lift scooters and wheelchairs into a vehicle that weighs up to 100 kg.

Autochair Smart Lifter LM

The Smart Lifter LM is a internal mounted boot hoist designed to lift wheelchairs and scooters in and out of the rear of your vehicle. There is a 40kg model and a 80 kg model with either 2 way or 4 way power.

Autochair Smart Transfer Person Lift

A vehicle mounted hoist to assist with transferring in and out of a motor vehicle

Bedside Extend-A-Rail

The Extend-A-Rail extends in length for Full-Fall Protection at night. It can be used as a half-bed rail to get in-and out of bed and can be extended to 76 cm with the push of a button.
Price: $189.00
Bedside Mighty Rail

Bedside Mighty Rail – Able Life

The Beside Mighty Rail makes it easy to get in-out-of-bed wherever you go. Simply snap the ends together for fast and easy assembly, no tools required.
Price: $149.00
Cobra Bed Stick

Cobra Bed Stick

The Cobra bed stick simply slips under the bed mattress, the pole provides support and reassurance for getting in and out of the bed.
Price: $50.00

Electric Mobility Vehicle Boot Hoists

A range of motor vehicle electric hoists to lift your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair inside your motor vehicle.
Able Life Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar

Floor To Ceiling Grab Bar

The Universal Floor-To-Ceiling Grab Bar makes it easy to stand from any couch, bed, or toilet. It is tension mounted so it can be placed anywhere in the home without screwing holes into your floor or ceiling.
Price: $349.00
Grab Rails

Grab Poles, Handles & Rails

A selection of floor to ceiling grab poles and wall mounted grab handles to assist with transferring.


This handybar fits the majority of U shaped striker plates in motor vehicles to provide a safe and strong handle to assist entering and exiting the car.
Price: $49.00

Mangar Camel

The Mangar Camel will lift a person without physical effort who is laying down on the ground into a sitting position to be able to be transferred with dignity.

Mangar Elk

The Mangar Elk is a portable battery powered lifting cushion to assist with people who may have fallen into a seated upright position.

Moving & Handling

People Lifts & Transfer Systems
Portable Scooter Hoist (With Scooter attached)

Portable Folding Scooter Hoist

This portable folding hoist is designed to lift portable folding mobility scooters and powerchairs up to 30kg in weight.
Price: $1495.00
Now: $1195.00 Showroom display unit only

President Ribbed ABS Plastic Grab Bar

The President Grab Bar is an attractive, durable grab bar constructed from UPVC and finished in white; the 32 mm tube is ribbed for improved grip. Available in 2 lengths from $29.00
Price: $29.00 to $45.00

Rebotec Cascade Grab Bar System

Rebotec Cascade is a modular grab bar system allowing for different and varied configurations. Made in Germany
Price: $71.00
Grab Rails

Rebotec Swing Grab Rail

Rebotec Swing Grab Rails are available in 4 different lengths. Made in Germany

Solo Easigrip Grab Bar

The Solo Easigrip Grab Bar is a flat ended grab bar, for wall mounting in the toilet, bathroom or anywhere around the house. Available in 2 lengths.
Price: $27.00 to $32.00

Stander Security Pole

The Stander Security Pole makes it easy to stand from a lounge, bed, or toilet. It’s tension mounted between the floor and ceiling, so you can place it anywhere in the home without any screws or bolts. Available in Black or White.
Price: $375.00

Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

The Stander Security Pole and Curved Grab Bar mounts between the floor and ceiling of your home, it aids in transfers. Fits 7 - 10ft ceilings.
Price: $399.00