Autochair Smart Lifter L-P

Autochair Smart Lifter L-P Hoist

Autochair Smart Lifter L-P Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Vehicle Hoist

The Autochair Smart Lifter L-P is a internally mounted boot hoist for lifting Medium/large Powerchairs and mobility scooters. There is a 150 kg and a 200kg model. The LP can also be removed from the vehicle easily when not in use allowing the loading area to be virtually unobstructed.

 Above Photo: The LP can be removed from the vehicle when not in use. 

The Smart Lifter L-P is suitable for most 4X4s, SUVs, Station Wagons and Vans

The Smart Lifter L-P is available in a 150 kg lifting capacity and 200 kg lifting capacity

Manufactured in the U.K.   

Roland Priestley Mobility can arrange professional installation in  Hornsby NSW only. It is recommended a suitably qualified person install this lifting equipment.