A-Frame Rollators Walkers

A-Frame Rollators Walkers Rollator

A variety of standard A-frame rollators with a seat and a bag or basket under the seat, The frame folds by removing the basket and lifting the bar so front and rear wheels come together. Many have a folding backrest, some are only removable.

Alpha 426 Rollator Seat Walker, only 6kg

A super lightweight rollator seat walker with 6" casters and a height adjustable seat. For short, medium or tall people. Very Lightweight ONLY 6kg
Price: $189.00

Better Living Push Down Brakes Seat Walker Rollator

A seat walker rollator that has push down brakes for those who have difficulty in using the conventional hand operated brakes.
Price: $149.00
Budget Rollator

Budget Rollator

A lightweight Aluminium frame folding Seat Walker Rollator with an under-seat bag.
Price: $99.00

Drive Heavy Duty Bariatric Oversize Rollator Walker

The Drive Heavy Duty Bariatric Oversize Rollator Walker is designed for the larger person in mind with a user weight capacity of 180 kg
Price: $275.00

Drive R8 Rollator Seat Walker

The Drive R8 Rollator is a lightweight folding seat walker with high grip wheels for better braking performance. Available in Red or Blue.
Price: $125.00

EC805 Duo 2 in 1 Rollator Transit Walker Wheelchair

The EC805 is a regular A frame style rollator with a reversible backrest and a flip down footrest to convert it into a temporary transit wheelchair.
Price: $175.00

Merits Bariatric Seat Walker Rollator W467

A Heavy Duty Lightweight Aluminium Bariatric Seat Walker or Rollator for larger people. Max user weight 182 kgs
Price: $299.00
Merits W462 Rollator

Merits W462 Seat Walker Rollator

The Merits W462 is a conventional folding A-frame seat-walker rollator with a lightweight aluminium frame and 6" caster wheels.
Price: $125.00

Merits W463 Seat Walker Rollator

The Merits W463 is a quality A frame Seat Walker Rollator with large 8" Wheels. Only 7kgs
Price: $179.00
Now: $149.00

Merits W464 Low Seat 4 wheel Walker Rollator

A Rollator Seat Walker with a lower seat height suitable for shorter people.
Price: $159.00

Roomba Indoor Rollator

A very lightweight folding indoor rollator with bag and tray.
Now: $185.00
Care Quip Rover Walker

Rover Walker – Care Quip

The Rover by Care Quip is a small compact narrow walker ideal for smaller petite people or if you want to negotiate smaller areas due to its narrow frame.
Price: $220.00