Rollator & Walker Repairs in Hornsby
A Frame Rollator

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre offer a repair service for most all A frame style Rollators and a number of side fold rollators in our warehouse located in Hornsby NSW (Northern Sydney suburb)

A Frame Rollator repairs

We repair most A frame rollators. A frame rollators look similar in construction to the image above, looking at them sideways, the frame is in more or less in the shape of the letter A. These fold front to back, also they typically have a bag or basket under the seat which flips up. These typically have generic parts and we hold a good stock of parts for these walkers.

Most of the time you can walk in and wait for the repair.

Side Fold Rollator Repairs

We repair some Side Fold rollators, the difficulty with these is many use specific parts that can only be obtained though the original importer. We do of course can repair all Side fold Rollators which we sell in our store. However we may not be able to obtain specific parts for other brands.

Most of the time you can walk in and wait for the repair.

U-Step Walker

We offer a repair service for the U-step Walker. We stock the most common parts for this walker and we do repair them. U Step Walker 2 Parkinson's

Most of the time you can walk in and wait for the Rollator & Walker Repair.

Many people call up and want a quote over the phone. I am sorry we do not quote for any repair without seeing the item first. Call in and show us the item, then we are happy to quote.

If you are interested in this Rollator & Walker Repairs service and have a question, contact us via the button below or call us on 02 94824893