Tyres Tubes for Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

Tyres Tubes for Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre offers a large range of pneumatic tyres and tubes as well as solid puncture proof foam filled & polyurethane wheelchair and mobility scooter tyres.

We offer a fitting service if you bring in your wheelchair wheel or wheelchair or mobility scooter to our Sydney based Hornsby Mobility Centre. We will fit the tyre and tube for you while you wait.

Shipping is also available Australia wide with our Online Store.

Krypton Solid Wheelchair Tyres

Krypton Solid Wheelchair Tyres

Discover the benefits of Krypton solid wheelchair tyres - puncture-proof, longer-lasting, and providing a comfortable ride.
Tyes & Tube Wheels

Mobility Scooter & Powerchair Tyres,Tubes & Wheels

Mobility Scooter, Power Wheelchair Tubes and Tyres

Solid Wheelchair, Powerchair and Mobility Scooter Tyres

A selection of solid Primo and Cheng Shin Polyurethane or Foam Filled solid tyres for wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters

Wheelchair Tyres & Tubes

We stock a large range of Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Tyres in both Pneumatic and Solid Polyurethane.

If you are interested in any Wheelchair Tyres and Tubes and want to know more. Contact us via the button below or call 02 94824893.