Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Cushions

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre has a range of different wheelchair cushions. Shipping Australia wide.

Aidapt Pressure Relief Ring Cushion VM934BB

This donut-shaped Inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion reduces pressure when sitting and has a soft, fitted cushion cover.
Price: $31.00

Alarm Cushion

A foam pad cushion suitable for Geriatric day chair use with a alarm mounted to the rear of the chair. If the patient falls out of the chair or gets up unexpectedly the alarm sounds.
Price: $50.00

Checkerboard Foam Wheelchair Cushion with Coccyx cut out

A wheelchair cushion with a rear cut out that relieves pressure in the coccygeal area.
Price: $59.00

Exgel Mini Cushion

Exgel Cushion mini is easy-to-carry, convenient & compact in size. Ideal for outing, travel, sports events & stadium sitting...
Price: $110.00

Gel & Foam Wheelchair Cushion

A polyurethane foam and GEL cushion to help with chronic pain and pressure. Available in different sizes. Please click the photo for specs and prices.

Gel Fleece Wheelchair Cushion VA126SB

The removable gel bag in this foam cushion is not only comfortable, but will help to keep you cool too! The removable cover is reversible; one side is easy-clean black polyester and the other a luxurious, soft fleece fabric.
Price: $35.00

Gel Foam Lumbar Cushion VM936BZ

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
Price: $60.00
Foam Wheelchair Cushion

Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion

A memory foam wheelchair cushion with removable vinyl cover
Price: $55.00

Premium Wheelchair Cushion

An ideal quality wheelchair memory foam cushion offering soft stable support, comfort and durability. 
Price: $110.00

Pressure Relief Ring Cushion VM934A

This donut-shaped Pressure Relief Ring Cushion in memory foam reduces the pressure when sitting and has a washable cushion cover provided as standard.
Price: $29.95

Wheelchair Drop seat with Ultra Cushion

A Wheelchair Drop seat base that lowers the wheelchair seat by 4"with a Gell Ultra Cushion.
Price: $195.00

Wheelchair Wedge Cushion

A gel foam wheelchair cushion to promote better posture and prevent sliding
Price: $59.00