Rebotec Quick’N Easy Underarm Crutches

Rebotec Quick’N Easy Underarm Crutches

Comfortable cushioned armpit support
Height adjustable pushpin base & clip lock hand-grips
Soft and stable comfort rubber hand-grips

Designed to accommodate weights of various users up to 130kg.

Made in Germany

 Adult Shoulder Height 118-138 cm
Tall Shoulder Height 136-156 cm
Adult Handle height 68-91 cm
Tall Handle Height 71-98 cm
Diameter 19/22
Colour Black
Youth Shoulder Height 101-121 cm
Youth Handle Height 58-81 cm
Diameter 19/22
Colour: Blue & Red
 Child Shoulder Height 83-103 cm
Child Handle Height 48-71 cm
Diameter 19/22
Colour: Blue, Red & Aqua

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