Wheelchair Drop seat with Ultra Cushion

Wheelchair Drop seat with Ultra Cushion

Wheelchair Drop Seat with Gel Ultra Cushion

 Wheelchair cushions often elevate the person to the point where their feet cannot touch the floor. The drop seat lowers the seat 10cm (4″) so that the wheelchair user can self propel and keeps armrests and backrest in proportion to wheelchair user. The firm base eliminates sling seat hammocking for improved weight distribution. Easy to install to most standard 45cm (18″) wheelchairs.

 ULTRA Gel/Foam CUSHION (included)

 This version of the ulra cushion has side cutouts designed for the wheelchair drop seat to accomidate the wheelchairs cross bars.

 An advanced cushion design that includes noncompressing dual layer firm foundation. Gel upper layer disapates heat, decreases pressure and increases comfort. The cushion has a removable cloth cover for easy laundering and it also has safety staps to secure to the wheelchair frame.

  • Cushion height 3″
  • Chair Width 18″ (45cm)
Product Code: 704131
Price: $195.00