Lightweight Powerstroll

Lightweight Powerstroll

Drive Lightweight Powerstroll

Drive Medical Lightweight Powerstroll

The lightweight Powerstroll takes the strain out of pushing a heavy wheelchair and makes easy work of hills, ramps and gradients. This dual wheel lightweight Powerstroll can easily be fitted and removed within seconds, and adapts to fit most wheelchair sizes.

  • Max user weight 115 kg
  • Total weight 14kg
  • Weight without battery 8kg
  • Max gradient 6°
  • Max range, up to 16km
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • convenient trigger control
  • Mac Speed 4.5 km/h
  • Fits wheelchair tubing 7/8″- 1″or 22-25mm
  • Twin 8″ drive wheels
  • 100w 12v DC motor
  • Will fit most wheelchairs 14-20″ seat width wheelchairs
  <<<<Easy to use controls with forward and reverse switch and variable speed.
 Pulls apart from the wheelchair in seconds>>>> 

* Price does not include the wheelchair or fitting to your wheelchair. If you purchase a new wheelchair from us at the same time as purchasing the powerpack, the powerpack will be fitted for free.

If you are interested in the Drive Lightweight Powerstroll and want to know more. Contact us via the button below or call 02 94824893.

Price: $1050.00