Merits Wheelchair Powerpack

Wheelchair Attendant Powerpack by Merits

Attendant Powerpack for Wheelchair

A simple low cost battery operated motor unit to assist carers to push the wheelchair. Light in weight and easy to fit make it very easy to use and set up.

The Power Pack has a thumb operated control mounted on the rear push bars. The controls are proportional to fully control the amount of assistance required. A sealed battery and automatic charger are included.

  • Twin-wheel design with 136kg weight capacity
  • Motor 280 watt 12 Volt
  • Total weight 14kg
  • Weight without battery 7.7kg
  • Easy to attach to any wheelchair, simply walk behind with your thumb on the control and let the power-pack to do all the work
  • The powerpack can easily be removed allowing for the wheelchair to fold for transportation.
  • With speeds up to 5.5kph and a range of up to 16km there is more than enough capacity for most days out
  • Light enough to take anywhere, packing neatly and enabling the extra mobility anywhere
  • Designed to give maximum attendant assistance
  • New thumb operated control designed for wheelchairs with rear hand operated brake levers as shown below.
  • The powerpack will fit most self propelling wheelchairs with the large rear wheels and most transit wheelchairs as pictured.
  • If you have not already purchased a wheelchair we do recommend you purchase a standard style folding (transit or self propelling) wheelchair with attendant brakes.

CLICK HERE for a PDF leaflet 108kb

Price does not include the wheelchair or fitting to your wheelchair.  If you purchase a new wheelchair from us at the same time as purchasing the powerpack, the powerpack will be fitted for free.

We supply the P001 E model only

I am receiving a number of overseas enquiries for this product: I am sorry we do not have any overseas connections for this item and we do not ship internationally due to the very high cost of shipping heavy/bulky items from Australia. We are most happy to quote delivery anywhere in Australia.

 Shipping Size 44 cm x 26cm x 30 cm

Price: $1499.00