PVI Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

PVI Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

PVI Wheelchair Threshold Ramps are designed for doorways. Made of aluminium with a non slip surface.

Available in 4 different lengths and 2 different widths.

Features and specifications:

Designed for doorways

Lightweight Aluminium

Anti Slip High traction surface

Light weight easy to handle and set up

Holes punched in each top corner for securing to doorway

Maximum ramp capacity 136kg one axel and 272kg two axels

Manufactured in the United States.     

 ItemLength Width Recommended Threshold HeightWeightLoad CapacityAvailability
 TH103225.4cm (10″)  81.5cm (32″) 13mm – 25mm 1.8kg 136kg per axelIn Stock
 TH123230.4cm (12″) 81.5cm (32″)19mm – 38mm 2.2kg 136kg per axelIn Stock
 TH163240.6cm (16″) 81.5cm (32″) 38mm – 51mm 2.7kg 136kg per axelIn Stock
 TH163640.6cm (16″) 91.5cm (36″)38mm – 51mm 2.8kg 136kg per axelIn Stock
 TH2432 61cm (2ft) 81.5cm (32″) 51mm – 101mm 5.4kg 136kg per axelIn Stock
 TH2436 61cm (2ft) 91.5cm (36″) 51mm – 101mm 6.8kg 136kg per axelIn Stock

Self Supporting Threshold Ramps

 Item NumberLengthWidthThreshold Height Weight CapacityAvailability
 SSTH1636-1.5 40.6cm (16″) 91.5cm 38mm (1.5″) 3.7kg 136kg per axelSOLD OUT
 SSTH2436-2 61cm (2ft) 91.5cm 51mm (2″) 5.5kg 136kg per axelIn Stock


PVI Wheelchair Threshold Ramps are available to view and pick up at our factory warehouse in Hornsby NSW or we can provide shipping Australia wide.

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