Wheelchair Lap Trays

Wheelchair Lap Trays

Wheelchair Lap Trays

These removable wheelchair lap trays will fit many types of wheelchairs. They are simple to install using strapping with Velcro so they can be installed and removed in seconds. The Velcro straps are red at the ends to find the end easier. There is also an adjustable strap to go around the rear of the wheelchair to prevent the tray from sliding forward. They are all 60 cm wide and 52 cm front to back the cut out is 38 cm wide x 23 cm front to back approximately.

Available in 2 styles:

  1. Econo Tray # SC-705010 is a plain vinyl covered tray, that is hard on both sides.
  2. Dura-Tray # SC-705030 a hard plastic tray that will take most rough treatment.
 SC-705010   Wheelchair Econo Tray           EA   $85.00
 SC-705030 Wheelchair Dura-Tray   EA   $95.00


These are designed to fit wheelchairs with full length armrests that are flat & straight on the top of the armrests.  If your wheelchair has contoured or short armrests, these trays most likely will not be suitable.

Shipping Australia wide is available.

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