Wheelchair Seat Belt

A selection of 2 different Wheelchair Seat Belts. Suitable for fitment to most Manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters.

Automotive Style Seat Belt with Metal Buckle

This seat belt is similar to a car rear seat center lap belt, a push button release, it has loops at each end which can slip though the armrests of most Mobility Scooters and many powerchairs. It can also slip over the rear tip bars of manual wheelchairs or you can screw the ends to the frame. Its your choice how you wish to attach it. The belt has adjustment for length to suit most mobility devises and body sizes. Price $70.00

Plastic Buckle Seat belt

This wheelchair seat belt has a lightweight plastic quick release buckle. It is adjustable in length and has eyelets at the end to be able to screw it to the frame of your wheelchair, Power Wheelchair or the seat of your Mobility Scooter. Price $30.00

You are welcome to view these Wheelchair Seat belts at our Mobility Warehouse in Hornsby NSW or we can Ship Australia wide for only $15.00

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Price: $30.00 - $70.00