Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramps-Aidapt

Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramps-Aidapt with winged edges.

Aidapt Rubber Wheelchair Ramps

Aidapt rubber ramps are suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors, they can also be used in showering areas as they are unaffected by moisture. There are 4 models to choose from, they are at different threshold heights, widths and lengths. All models have winged tapered edges.

(Walking direction)
VA144B25 mm1070 mm205mm4 kgs$146.00
VA144C30 mm1080 mm310 mm7.5 kgs$216.00
VA144D45 mm1280 mm460 mm17 kgs$286.00
VA144E50 mm1550 mm610 mm29 kgs$239.00
VA144F60 mm760 mm750 mm21 kgs$296.00
VA144G60 mm920 mm350 mm11.3 kgs$186.00
Cut Rubber Ramp
These ramps are completely solid and can be cut to shape.

These Aidapt Rubber wheelchair threshold ramps have a completely solid core (solid rubber right the way though) there are some similar rubber ramps being sold that have a hollow core. Having a completely solid core enables the ramp to carry more weight and because these ramps are heavier, they are less likely to slip or move about. These ramps can be cut to size and height using a saw without affecting its integrity.

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