Heeve Rubber Threshold Ramps
Heeved Rubber Threshold Ramp

Heeve Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Door Ramps are perfect for door thresholds and are available in heights from 25mm to 150mm. They are made of rubber, they are heavy and do not require fixing to your surface, the weight capacity is up to 400kg.

These ramps will fit most thresholds and is a great option for getting between a patio deck and a sliding door, or a similar area that has a small threshold. It has winged edges on both sides, so if your wheelchair is a bit oversized or you try to come through the threshold at an angle, you can still make your way in or out.

The Heeve Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Door Ramp with Winged Edges are fitted with slip-resistant channels that help you get better traction if it is wet. This makes it a great option to use outdoors or in bathrooms. This ramp also comes all in one piece, just place it down at the threshold and requires no assembly or installation. 


  • Durable one-piece rubber threshold ramp that won’t slip in either indoor or outdoor conditions.
  • Slip-resistant grooved rubber surface with moulded drain channels for added traction
  • Beveled winged sides provide a smooth transition from any sides
  • Fits most thresholds and is easy to modify if necessary
  • One piece design, no assembly required
  • Weight Capacity 400 kgs

Specifications & Price

Overall Width
at Bottom
(Side to side)
Top Section
(Side to side)
(Walking Direction)
H011925 mm105 cm90 cm1100 mm210 mm4 kg$66.00
H012050 mm105 cm90 cm1100 mm410 mm12 kg$112.00
H012175 mm90 cm70 cm900 mm450 mm14.6 kg$147.00
H0122100 mm90 cm70 cm900 mm610 mm21 kg$263.00
H0132125 mm90 cm70 cm900 mm800 mm33.5 kg$359.00
H0133150 mm90 cm70 cm900 mm1000 mm50 kg$470.00
Heeve Authorised Dealer

Heeve Rubber Threshold Ramps are available to view and pick up at our factory warehouse in Hornsby NSW or we can provide shipping in Sydney for most models. Due to the weight, size & packaging, models H0133 & H0132 are pick up only.

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