Parkinsons and Neurological Walkers

Parkinsons and Neurological Walkers

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre Sydney offers The U Step walker and also the Topro Neuro Walker. These specialty walkers are designed for people mostly with neurological conditions or those with severe balance problems.

Platform U-Step Neuro

Platform U-Step Neuro Walker

Platform U-Step Neuro Walker has forearm gutters to assist with stooping & assists with weak upper body control.
Price: $2020.00 to $2685.00
Topro Neuro Rollator

Topro Neuro Parkinson’s Rollator

The Topro Neuro Parkinson's Rollator has reverse braking designed for Parkinson's sufferers and other neurological conditions.
Price: $1000.00
U Step Walker 2 Parkinson's

U Step Walker 2 for Parkinson’s

The U-Step 2 walker is designed for people with Parkinson's and other neurological conditions. Its patented U shaped frame offers greater stability when compared to most other walkers.
Price: $1,325.00 to $1990.00

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