Seat Walkers, Rollators & Walking Frames

Seat Walkers, Rollators & Walking Frames

3 Wheel Rollators Tri-Walkers

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre offers a selection of Tri-Walkers from Merits, Alpha, Drive Medical and Aidapt. View in our mobility centre in Hornsby NSW or shipping available Australia Wide.
Budget Rollator

A-Frame Rollators Walkers

A variety of standard A-frame rollators with a seat and a bag or basket under the seat
Able Life Space Saver Walker

Able Life Space Saver Walker

The Able Life Space Saver Walker vary lightweight and compact when folded at only 3.4 kgs. Available in 3 attractive colours.
Price: $169.00
Aidapt Tri-Walker

Aidapt Tri-Walker

The Aidapt Tri-Walker folds easily for car transportataion, its only 5.5 kgs. This model includes the basket and tray and central bag.
Price: $195.00

Aidapt VP183 Rollator Seat Walker

Adapts VP183 is a modern lightweight rollator with a long wheelbase for extra stability. Its also very lightweight at only 6.9kg.
Price: $295.00

Aidapt VP184 Duo Rollator Transit Wheelchair

A rollator with brakes and a seat that also has swingaway detachable legrests allowing it to also be used as a transit wheelchair
Price: $390.00

Alpha 426 Rollator Seat Walker, only 6kg

A super lightweight rollator seat walker with 6" casters and a height adjustable seat. For short, medium or tall people. Very Lightweight ONLY 6kg
Price: $189.00

Alpha 429 X Frame Rollator Seat Walker

The Alpha 429 is a very stable cross fold walker with high quality large silicon casters. The handles adjust high for tall people.
Price: $395.00

Alpha 438 Rollator

A super lightweight X frame rollator. Our lightest X frame Rollator at under 6 kg Now available in 2 seat heights.
Price: $395.00

Better Living Push Down Brakes Seat Walker Rollator

A seat walker rollator that has push down brakes for those who have difficulty in using the conventional hand operated brakes.
Price: $149.00

Bi Level Folding Walking Frame EC9632L

A bi level walking frame can assist with standing from a seated position.
Price: $95.00
Budget Rollator

Budget Rollator

A lightweight Aluminium frame folding Seat Walker Rollator with an under-seat bag.
Price: $99.00
Drive Knee Walker

Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker

Drive Medical steerable aluminium knee walker to assist those with a foot injury.
Price: $445.00
Drive Medical Tri-Walker

Drive Medical Ultralight Aluminium Tri-walker

A folding lightweight aluminium tri-walker by Drive Medical, only 5 kg in total
Price: $149.00
Drive Carbon Fibre Rollator

Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fibre Rollator

The Drive Nitro Elite Carbon Fibre Rollator is a very lightweight and stylish walker suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Price: $799.00
Drive Nitro HD

Drive Nitro HD Rollator

The Nitro HD is a cross framed rollator built for larger framed people, it has independent rear suspension for comfort.
Price: $695.00
Drive Nitro Petite Rollator

Drive Nitro Petite Rollator

This large wheeled rollator is made for shorter people under 5'2" in height
Price: $395.00
Drive Nito Walker

Drive Nitro Walker

Nitro Rollator is a cross folding frame walker with large front wheels for outdoor use but is still compact for use inside and folds easily for transport.
Price: $349.00

Drive R8 Rollator Seat Walker

The Drive R8 Rollator is a lightweight folding seat walker with high grip wheels for better braking performance. Available in Red or Blue.
Price: $125.00

Drive Travel Walker

The Drive Travel Walker is a lightweight walking frame that folds into 1/2 the size of a conventional folding walker. Includes a travel bag.
Price: $125.00
Drive X-Fold Rollator

Drive X-Fold Rollator

Drive X-fold Rollator:  is a popular choice because if its compact folded size, large 8" wheels and concealed internal brake cables.
Price: $295.00

Dual 2 in 1 Rollator/wheelchair Duo

These 2 in 1 rollators are primarally a seat walker rollator, they are designed with footrests so the unit can be used also as a transit wheelchair

EC805 Duo Rollator Wheelchair

The EC805 is a regular A frame style rollator with a reversible backrest and a flip down footrest to convert it into a temporary transit wheelchair.
EZ fold-N-Go Rollator

EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator – Stander

The EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator is perfect for transportation. It folds so easily at the lift of a finger into a diameter if just 33cm (13")
Price: $495.00

EZ Fold-N-Go Walker by Stander

The EZ Fold-N-Go walker by Stander is a very lightweight walker with lockable pivoting front casters. Can be folded with one finger it will fit in the smallest of places. Only 3.4 kg
Price: $249.00

Forearm Gutter Walkers

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre offers a range of Forearm Gutter Walkers From Freedom & Topro in Sydney. Shipping is available.

Fox & Fixi pediatric wheeled walker by Rebotec

A colourful junior wheeled walker rollator for older children or small adults

Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator by Drive

The Drive Heavy Duty Bariatric Oversize Rollator Walker is designed for the larger person in mind with a user weight capacity of 180 kg
Price: $295.00 or ($220.00 Shop display unit)

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers to assist those with a foot injury

Merits 3-Wheeled Aluminum Rollator W340

A lightweight aluminium frame 3 wheel rollator walker in flame blue colour.
Price: $189.00
Now: $179.00

Merits Bariatric Rollator W467

A Heavy Duty Lightweight Aluminium Bariatric Seat Walker or Rollator for larger people. Max user weight 182 kgs
Price: $299.00
Meris W130 Walking Frame

Merits W130 Walking Frame

The Merits W130 walking frame is made from lightweight Aluminium. The frame folds by pressing the tab in the centre of the frame. Optional front wheel kit and rear skis available.
Price: $99.00
Merits W123 with Wheels and Sliders

Merits W130 with Wheels & Skis

The Merits W130 with wheels & Sliders is made from lightweight Aluminium. The frame folds by pressing the tab in the centre of the frame.
Price: $149.00
Merits W462 Rollator

Merits W462 Seat Walker Rollator

The Merits W462 is a conventional folding A-frame seat-walker rollator with a lightweight aluminium frame and 6" caster wheels.
Price: $125.00

Merits W463 Seat Walker Rollator

The Merits W463 is a quality A frame Seat Walker Rollator with large 8" Wheels. Only 7kgs
Price: $179.00
Now: $149.00

Merits W464 Low Seat Rollator

A Rollator Seat Walker with a lower handles & seat height suitable for shorter people.
Price: $159.00
Budget Rollator

Mobility Rollators & Walking Frames

Roland Priestley Mobility Centre offers a large range of Seat Walkers Rollators to suit most every person and budget. Sales, Repairs and Parts.

Parkinsons and Neuological Walkers

Parkinsons and Neuological Specialty Walkers
Platform U-Step Neuro

Platform U-Step Neuro Walker

Platform U-Step Neuro Walker has forearm gutters to assist with stooping & assists with weak upper body control.
Price: $1837.00 to $2441.00

Rebotec Pediatric Walk-On Kids Walking frame

Bright colourful pediatric folding walking frame in 2 frame sizes.
Price: $199.00

Rebotec Polo Plus-T Rollator

The Polo Plus-T is a lightweight folding aluminium walker made in Germany. It is available in Small, Medium and Tall frames.
Price: $420.00

Rebotec Walk-On Folding Walking Frame

The Rebotec Walker is an adult zimmer walking frame available in 2 sizes. Made in Germany
Price: $199.00

Rebotec Walkers

A range of walkers in Sydney made by Rebotec in Germany

Roomba Indoor Rollator

A very lightweight folding indoor rollator with bag and tray.
Now: $185.00
RothCare All Terrain Knee Walker

RothCare All Terrain Knee Walker

The RothCare All Terrain Knee Walker has large pneumatic tyres, It handles irregularities and it rolls better when compared to traditional knee walkers
Price: $395.00
RothCare Carbon Fibre Rollator

RothCare Carbon Fibre Rollator

The RothCare lightweight carbon fibre frame is a stylish cross folding rollator with large wheels for outdoor or indoor use.
Price: $695.00
Rothcare Cross Fold Rollator

RothCare Cross Fold Rollator

The RothCare Cross Fold Rollator has a lightweight Aluminium frame with large 8" wheels for outdoor or indoor use. Folds easily, available in Red or Blue.
Price: $295.00
Care Quip Rover Walker

Rover Walker – Care Quip

The Rover by Care Quip is a small compact narrow walker ideal for smaller petite people or if you want to negotiate smaller areas due to its narrow frame.
Price: $220.00
Aidapt Rollator

Seat Walkers, Rollators

Extensive range of all types of Seat walkers, Rollators and walking frames in various configurations and sizes. Sydney Showroom or shipping Australia wide.

Strolley Trolley with brakes VG798WB

The Strolley Trolley VG798WB is designed for indoor use and is ideal to transfer meals and other items around the home.
Price: $220.00
Topro Neuro Rollator

Topro Neuro Parkinson’s Rollator

The Topro Neuro Parkinson's Rollator has reverse braking designed for Parkinson's sufferers and other neurological conditions.
Price: $850.00
Olympos ATR

Topro Olympos All Terrain Rollator

Topro Olympos Rollator is a practical on or off road rollator that can also be used inside. Large energy aborbing solid tyres help smooth out the bumps.
Price: $695.00
Topro Troja 5G Red

Topro Troja 5G Premium Rollator

Topro Troja 5G Premium Rollator includes a handle memory feature and soft energy absorbing solid tyres. It is available in 2 frame sizes. Made in Norway.
Price: $675.00

Topro Troja Forearm Walker Rollator

A forearm walker rollator available in 3 sizes. Lightweight and portable, folds up like a wheelchair. Made in Norway.
Price: $1,275.00

Tri Walker Alpha 317

Tri Walker Alpha 317 is an ultra lightweight 3 wheel rollator with a central carry bag. Includes locking brakes, weight is only 5 kg.
Price: $195.00
Now: $135.00 Blue Only (Red is the regular price)
U Step Walker 2 Parkinson's

U Step Walker 2 for Parkinson’s

The U-Step 2 walker is designed for people with Parkinson's and other neurological conditions. Its patented U shaped frame offers greater stability when compared to most other walkers.
Price: $1,150.00 to $1750.00

Walking Frame Bariatric Heavy Duty w/ wheels & Skids W144

Oversize heavy duty folding walking frame with front casters and rear glide tips, accommodates users up to 220 kgs

Price: $169.00

Walking Frames

Folding Walking Frames Sydney

X Cross Frame Rollators Seat Walkers

Sales, Service, parts and repairs for X Fold Cross frame Rollators in Sydney. Shipping for sales and parts Australia wide.